I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that vital files and folders, including confidential client data, are safe and secure from any attacker.  Using BlackSquare’s Enigma hardware encryption tool makes this fast and easy to accomplish.

Brent Hultman

Executive Coach & Business Consultant

BlackSquare Enigma is an incredibly simple device that provides enterprise hardware encryption to secure files and folders at a fraction of the cost.

I was amazed with the level of technology and security that has been built into the product.  Use an Enigma to protect all of your digital information.  It’s that solid.

Enigma is fast, secure, flexible and inexpensive for any user or business. 

David Duncan

FIPS certification and review member and NSA Cryptologist

As the frequency and severity of data breaches grows, endpoint security is increasingly critical to consumers and organizations looking to secure their sensitive information. External storage devices in particular, such as USB hard drives and thumb drives, are often unprotected and therefore vulnerable to data theft or device loss. Hardware solutions that provide ease of use and comprehensive capabilities are a huge asset to both organizations and individual users in protecting data-at-rest.

Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President, Security products, IDC,

As Larry Ponemon, founder of Ponemon Research Institute said in 2014:  “It’s becoming more acute”, Larry Ponemon, namesake of the Ponemon Research Institute, told CNN Money.  “If you’re not a data breach victim you’re not paying attention.”

I keep a lot of confidential information on my laptop.    I am usually very careful about keeping my laptop under close physical control but had an unfortunate lapse and left my laptop on a plane…that could have cost me dearly if not for the Enigma hardware encryption.  I had encrypted the hard drive using Enigma and had backed up my data, which I encrypted and stored in the cloud.  Enigma encrypts that data too.

Enigma is really an investment in peace of mind.

Jim Cantrell

President and CEO, Strategic Space Development

Robert, sorry for the late reply but unlike your product, the rest of my IT world is anything but simple to deal with this month…

I got a chance to use the Enigma and it delivered everything we discussed.
For me personally,. the level of security it provides coupled with the ease of use, makes it a 100% must have for my IT toolbox.
For everyone else it eliminates all the roadblocks that kept encryption from being something that “Anyone” could use with no worries.

I tried to shoot holes in it and couldn’t. The install is clean, the software is bulletproof and the UI is focused, intuitive and functional. The only thing I noticed that made me stop for a second (and it was a quick, “Oh never mind I see” moment) is that I found myself  wanting to select the files, then click the lock/unlock icons, if it’s simple you might want to see if other people run into that and possibly hotlink those images to the encrypt/decrypt function.

I’m consolidating all my personal data over to some 4TB drives this weekend, I can’t wait to encrypt the drive once it’s full 🙂

Wayne Head

IT Director spa inc.

The more I look at this thing the better it seems for a guy like me.   I can load up a thumb drive (or a portable hard drive?) and not worry about losing it.   The best part is I don’t have to spend a half a day of production worrying about how to make it work.

John Phillips, Consumer

Not only will home users benefit from the BlackSquare Enigma product, but enterprise support teams will also benefit. With the continuous bombardment of malware, APTs, and targeted attacks, so many tools are needed by support personnel…the BlackSquare Enigma allows the support techs to carry all the necessary tools to fight malware, and those tools will stay protected. In addition to this, the protection of intellectual property can be greatly increased with the use of the multi-point authentication that BlackSquare Enigma offers. And, all this at a price that’s insanely inexpensive!  Whether you are a home user interested in protecting your valuable data, or a Fortune 1000 Enterprise, Enigma is a great product!

IT/Helpdesk professional - T.K. certified CISSP

Data security is paramount in today’s business environment.  Without proper protection we put our customers at risk.  Customers expect the best  in data protection technologies available, and firms that ignore this put themselves at severe reputational risk.  BlackSquare Technologies’ Enigma is an innovative and cutting edge solution ready to accept the challenge of securing data files.  I want one!

Chris Combs, Consumer

BlackSquare rocks!

Michael Locatis, CEO, Nexusist