Protect your Data


Enigma-tize me !!


BlackSquare Enigma (hardware encryption to manage important files and folders)

One year subscription for updates to WIN and MAC included

SanDisk Ultrafit 32GB USB3.0 Thumb drive

Encrypt and protect important files and folders, no matter where they are stored.


  • Simple setup, easy to use
  • Generate your own passwords
  • Without the Enigma, no one can decrypt your digital information


  • ‘One click’ file and folder encryption
  • Transparent to your OS
  • WIN and MAC compatible
  • 1 year of WIN and MAC updates included


  • Heavy duty AES 256 encryption
  • FIPS certified
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Immune to malware and OS attacks


Once authenticated to your computer or netwrk, Enigma can monitor all data-on your PC, server, backup drive, NAS device, as well as all cloud storage applications.  If you wish to share encrypted data with others, they must each have an Enigma and password you used to encrypt the data.  Otherwise, no one may ever decrypt your data.


Computer Hard Drive
Any backup device
Card Reader Storage Device
Cloud Storage
NAS Storage Device
Any USB Storage Device
USB enabled Computer or Tablet

If it’s important, Encrypt it!