The “Enigma” name comes from an encryption machine Germany developed and used very successfully in the Second World War, until Alan Turing helped crack it. Turing — who arguably was key to winning the war for the Allies and then, as a twisted thank you, effectively was killed because he was gay — stands as one of the premier examples of organizational stupidity and intolerance. Sorry, off topic, but I get pissed every time I reread that story.

Encryption is one of the technologies you can use to protect your data, but running encryption on your PC can take a ton of processing headroom. The Enigma from BlackSquare is a very specialized device, in that both the sender and receiver of the information need the key and the password to work. The password is stored in a secure area of the device, so anyone who steals your Enigma-encrypted laptop or USB can’t get access to the data on it.


BlackSquare’s Enigma

The safety is due in part to the fact that the device and data remain separate, and you need both the device and a password to access the data. Enigma works on both Macs and PCs, and it is very easy to use. To secure your PC’s encrypted data, you just remove the key to it. It doesn’t really matter where you put the data — as long it was encrypted, it remains safe.

We live in a hostile world, and sometimes it is a little technology like Enigma that can keep us safe, so it’s my product of the week.   Article

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