Think your confidential data is safe from hackers?

The worldwide community of data thieves can hold your data hostage, ruin credit in the blink of an eye and cause immeasurable amounts of grief to those who have been hacked. Even the White House, Pentagon and large corporate organizations aren’t immune. And anyone storing data in the cloud is especially vulnerable.

BlackSquare is introducing a simple but extremely secure way to protect files on any computer or storage device, including files stored in the cloud. It’s called Enigma. It looks and feels like a USB thumb drive. But it doesn’t store files. It encrypts them.

Enigma is now being offered to consumers and small to mid-size businesses. But it’s also being used by large companies and government agencies required by law to protect their data.

BlackSquare Technologies has spent five years developing Enigma and is now introducing it to the public. It’s a patented, real time hardware encryption and key management device compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems. Enigma simply plugs in to the USB port.

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